To Provide a Lever to strengthen every stakeholder in the Supply Chain Industry by:

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about roado image


To Free, Every Stakeholder in the Manufacturing Supply Chain (Logistics)
From the Shackles of Opaqueness & Empower Them with Equal Opportunity To Thrive in A
Global Digital Business Economy.

Who we are

Founded in 2017, RoaDo is the brainchild of Engineers from NITK Surathkal.

Murugan Manoj Kumar J

CEO & Co-Founder

With Murugan Manoj Kumar J using his industry experience at Glenmark along with a star team from Vedanta, Walmart, Quikr, UB, etc RoaDo is set out on a journey to Democratise Logistics in India. Young and Energetic, Murugan brings his experience from NIT K and Glenmark Pharma into this sector. Want to break the ice with him? Start talking Football.

Narayan Chavan

COO & Co-Founder

Narayan Chavan, a travel enthusiast brings in his experience handling multimodal operations at Vedanta and his knowledge from NIT K into this space. Having Co-Founded RoaDo along with Murugan and Suhas, they share a common dream. To bring Digitization for the entire logistics industry In India. You will often find him cycling to office and always Find him talking about Coffee.

Suhas V

CTO & Co-Founder

Suhas V, an exceptional Software Developer, also from NIT K brings his experience from Walmart, Quikr, etc to build this amazing E-Commerce like Operating system for Logistics in India. He, along with the entire Development team have a these late night feature releases which is a surprise for the whole team and encourages every single member in the Company.

What do we do

In a world where Digital Supply-chains is the name of the game, digital transformation is the key first step. We understand the challenges it comes with. Visibility, Manual Indenting, SLA Compliance, FTL, PTL, Invoice Reconciliation, e-POD, e-way bill pooling, extensions, AI-enabled alerts predicting delays, you name it, we have it or we make it.

We have built an “Operating system” for logistics which offers an “e-commerce like shipment experience” and updates.

As an operating system, RoaDo can be integrated into almost every existing system such as SAP, Oracle, etc. We are here to make your logistics as easy as a cup of tea. RoaDo exists and strives to make this leap effortless, simple and effective for you with its platform-based solution for all your stakeholders in the Supply-Chain.

How do we add Value?

about roado image
about roado image

Are you ready To
Simplify Your Logistics?